5 ways to use social proof in your business

Why does social proof work?

Think back to all the times your friends were into a new upcoming trend (remember the beginnings of Instagram or more recently TikTok?). Do you, or have you, ever noticed that shift where you also suddenly feel the urge of joining in too? In a more prettied-up biz term that describes word-of-mouth marketing, this is what we call ‘social proof’.

According to biology (or psychology if you will), there lies a very valid scientific reason to help explain your uncontrollable desires to be like everyone else. Much like herd animals, humans have natural desires to fit in and conform to fellow humans that we feel close to and identify with. And because we have this desire to belong, social proofing works wonders.

So what does social proof look like, and how can you implement it?

User testimonials

When customers rave on about how great they feel after using particular products, or bang on about how much the product has personally improved their lives, others become curious about whether this product would benefit them too. User testimonials create a positive hype on how your product could help solve an existing problem that your customer has.

Some tips on incorporating user testimonials:

  • Ask your customers to try out your product and film themselves using or talking about their experience (you can offer a compensation, such as payment or a gift voucher)
  • Collect written testimonials from your customers who have experienced your product
  • Ask your customers to post on social media, such as Facebook posts, Facebook stories, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, and Twitter.
  • Offer rewards to encourage customers to leave reviews, such as running competitions or giveaways. Check Tribe Skincare for some fabulous inspo.

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