7 things to keep in mind when pitching to a journalist

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Brand Awareness

Using media to get your brand in front of the right people

Without bringing in new customers, it can be very challenging to create consistent revenue. To reach a wider audience, you have probably considered social media, Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, but what about good old fashioned media publications?

People tend to forget the power of media, or maybe you’ve put it into the ‘too hard basket’.
But with a solid pitch to relevant magazines or (local) newspapers, you can reach the right people who’ll be interested in your products (aka your target audience) – even if no one has ever even heard about you before.

We’ve asked journalist Hannah Warren for her top tips to keep in mind when pitching your story to the media.

Before you get started however, it is absolutely crucial that you’re clear on your brand story (otherwise you’ll struggle to write your pitch). If you need some help with that, check out our workbook on how to nail your brand story.

1. Choose publications that suit your brand

There are a zillion publications and magazines out there; how on earth do you choose? Or should you just reach out to everyone in hopes of getting a “yes” from someone and anyone? It’s a straight no from us, if you’re thinking the latter. What’s the use of getting featured in a finance mag if you make and sell toys for kids?!

If you make minimalist homewares, look at home magazines with a similar style. If you sell crochet wall decorations, you might want to take a look at magazines focusing on art and decor.

Make sure you do your research! Look at websites and check out the magazines/newspapers you’re considering. Then compile a list of the magazines and publications that potentially align with your brand.

Think about who your people are and where they hang out. In other words, will they be more likely reading print magazines or digital publications? Think outside the traditional print-media box, because websites like Broadsheet and Concrete Playground create huge buzz for local artisans and are always looking for content.

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