A small business guide to running competitions

How to run an online competition

Ever wondered how other businesses pull off successful competitions and giveaways? Would you like to do a giveaway but aren’t sure on the rules and fine print? Whatever your question is, you’re in luck. All you need to know about competitions is right here.

We’ve sat down with Suki van Koeverden, founder of OrigamiGlobe, to chat about all things competitions, the dos and don’ts, and everything in between.

What are the most common types of competitions?

There are two main types of competitions you can run to promote your business – a game of skill and a game of chance.

Game of skill

A game of skill is where each entry is unique and involves some form of effort from your entrants, for example requiring them to take a photo or write a 25-words-or-less answer to a question. You would then choose your winner based on the skill, talent or effort shown or how well they met your entry conditions

Game of chance

A game of chance on the other hand, is where all entrants are put into a pool (or hat!) and you pick a winner completely at random. You may ask people to enter their name and email, make a purchase during the competition period or follow you on social. The skill shown in their entry doesn’t play a part in how you choose the winner.

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