Bec and Andy, Design & Communication Experts

The dream team and dream makers

Bec and Andy are a couple of true believers in the power of good design, good writing and great communication.

They’re married (to each other), enjoy spicy food and like to stay busy.

As makers and creatives they understand that turning an idea into a viable business can be a daunting process and that’s exactly why they formed their design-led business, Like Flamingo.

Part of this duo’s strength is their pick ’n’ mix repertoire. They have over a decade of experience in design, web, social, small business and government communications, which means they’re well versed in what works and what doesn’t.

They’ll happily collaborate with you to come up with a creative solution to make it happen. Why not start with a logo and then see where these visual geniuses can take you and your business…

work with Bec & Andy