Annie, Graphic Designer

The smell of freshly printed pages is her fragrance of choice

Annie loves to create – and she’s spent over 6 years doing just that!

Her exposure to multiple projects with fashion and homewares at the helm (think brands like Camilla, Jets Swimwear and MyHouse) has definitely guided her style over the years.

Nothing gets her knickers-in-a-knot more than the realist san-serif typeface, Impact – except perhaps someone vandalising a magazine by dog-earing its corners!

She is motivated by perfection, creating immaculate layouts in both print and digital. Above everything, Annie believes that consistency is key to communicating a strong brand message that consumers can relate to.

She can handle a project from conception to completion and goes to great lengths to ensure that each pen stroke or click of the mouse is positively contributing to a brand’s visual identity – whether that’s a sales report, event invitations, a press release or website imagery.


work with Annie