Believing in your product: Leaf Supply’s advice on getting started

How to start a business idea you’re truly passionate about

More often than not, the best ideas start when you find something you love and decide to make that switch from your current 9 to 5 to work on something that’ll make you get out of bed in the morning.
But where do you even begin?

We sat down with Sophia Kaplan, co-founder of Leaf Supply – a plant delivery service with a difference – to learn about how to start a business fuelled by passion.

Leaf Supply was started by two plant nerds, Lauren and Sophia, (their words, not ours!) who saw a gap in the market and believed in what they had to offer. With the willingness to work hard and a whole lot of passion, the duo decided it was time to put their green thumb to the test and share the love – and boy are we grateful that they did! Leaf Supply is one of our most favourite businesses. Why?
As much as we love plants, we’ve always been terrible at keeping them alive in the office (and mind you, no one can say we didn’t try!)
Leaf Supply truly turned this dreadful streak around for us by not only delivering beautiful plants, but also providing us with custom instructions, plant food and everything else we needed to keep our little babies alive (so far, so good).

We’re super thrilled about being able to bring you a little behind-the-brand of this very useful business. Enjoy and learn from these amazing humans!

Can you tell us a little about Leaf Supply and why you started it?

Leaf Supply is an indoor pot plant delivery service. We source lush plants from local nurseries, perfectly package them up and offer same-day delivery around Sydney. Our plants make excellent gifts but we’ve also found that people love buying them for themselves. We started Leaf Supply because we’re completely plant-obsessed and believe strongly in their health properties and the ability to make any space look more beautiful. We want to get more plants and confident plant owners out there into the world.

How important is it to back your vision?

It’s incredibly important to back your vision! There’s a lot of work involved in starting your own business so you need to have total confidence in what you’re doing to pull you through the long hours and more challenging times.

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