Brand inspo: Email marketing by Who Gives A Crap

For the quirky and light-hearted, here’s some one-of-a-kind email marketing.

Who Gives a Crap is a company that sells toilet paper. Not just any old toilet paper, but Australia’s number one toilet paper (no pun intended) for customer satisfaction, as recognised by Canstar Blue. They also have a social mission, donating 50% of their profits to charities that build toilets for all the people who don’t have access to one (a shocking 40% of the world).

While it would be easy to get preachy, Who Gives a Crap keep their brand persona fun and genuine. They speak to their audience with a light tone-of-voice that really wraps up who they are. Their email marketing gives off a feel-good vibe, prompting you to think about your positive impact on sustainability, along with bright colours and cute font styles that all together brighten your day.

What it’s about

Who Gives a Crap sends emails about twice a month (with the occasional joke), communicating to their customers through newsletters, subscription reminders or new product announcements. Their informative and light-hearted copy is written in an upbeat way, and it really makes you feel included as a part of their in-group.

Like a friend who sends you updates on the regular, Who Gives a Crap establishes a genuine relationship with their customers through email marketing, cheering them on for playing a part in their ethical company mission.

Who it’s for

People who give a crap (so to speak). Emails are sent to their existing customers – the ones who support the company’s environmental focus, values of giving back, and get their sense of humour.

These consumers are generally more inclined to support products that are sustainable and contribute to ethical business values that align with their own.

Why we like them

A common mistake in marketing that we often see is not being able to establish a clear and consistent brand persona to speak to the ideal customer. Who Gives a Crap is a super fun example of a company that sticks to their brand persona. They stay themselves across their official website, social media and in their email marketing.

We really like how Who Gives a Crap implements their brand persona in email marketing – it makes the ‘Why’ behind their business stand out without being overbearing and in your face. All about making friends with their customers. The strategy revolves around customer retention and engagement, and they achieve this by making customers feel included in their ethical movement.

In each of their emails, the call to action is simple, effective and straight-to-the-point. It’s written with copy that is appreciative and enlightening, offering facts that encourage us to be a little more aware of our environmental footprints. Their clever puns always make us chuckle a little. And if you’re not a fan of toilet jokes… they might just change your mind.

Beyond their puns, one thing we found super sweet of them is the poem they send as a receipt. Please name another company who writes fun poems as a thank-you letter and a call to action to spread the word for a good cause (we would love to take a look). Who Gives a Crap makes sure that they’re transparent and genuine with their messages, they own up to mistakes when it happens and let us in on the goss. This is what great friends are supposed to be like!

Lastly, their branding is so on-point, you’ll find it in their emails, across the website, in their packaging, as well as their social media, which are full of bright colours and sans serif fonts, so clearly they give a crap about how they look!
We love that they do, because we preach the importance of sticking to your brand – it helps your customers understand what sort of personality your brand has without having to guess.

And there you have it, all the reasons why we think Who Gives a Crap emails should be next on your (powder room) reading list.

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