Brand inspo: Frank Body’s email marketing

Image by Frank Body

A brand personality with some serious attitude

You know we’re all about personalised marketing that aims to connect with a niche audience, and of course we love brands who live by this concept.

eDMs (aka email newsletters) can be a super fun way to bond with your people. Have you ever been excited over receiving an eDM? Copy that makes you giggle and maybe even blush like a school girl?

Let us introduce you to Frank, the voice of Frank Body, who’s eDMs are just plain awesome.
They’re so ridiculously on brand, you feel like Frank’s really your best mate and biggest personal cheerleader. We get excited every time Frank slides into our inboxes. We’re always keen to hit ‘open’ and find out what the team behind the brand has come up with this time. We really enjoy receiving their super delightful and bubbly emails, and so we decided to give you our honest review (you can probably call it appraisal) of the brand’s eDMs and why they serve as a fantastic brand inspiration.

What it’s about:

A growing skincare brand with a very apparent brand persona. The fun and boldness of their brand is so well-communicated through their creative brand persona, Frank. He makes us swoooooon, which is also why we love love love their cheeky copy!

Who it’s for:

This fun brand draws the attention of millennials, anyone appealing to the title ‘babe’, and/or anyone else with a soft spot for their cute fan nickname ‘frankfurts’.Also for people who care about what goes into their skincare, love to embrace the au naturale vibes and dig the colour pink – no judgement here, because we love pink, too!

Why we think they’re such an inspiration:

Other than the fact that their eDMs are always cheerful, on point, and pink (yay!), Frank Body continuously sticks to who they are, in terms of personality, colour palette and product lines.Their email marketing reflects how on-point they are with how they’ve chosen to develop the brand.Frank Body’s foundations are cemented by the consistency of their email marketing and the message they’re sending out.
They set themselves apart by promising their cute little ‘frankfurts’ cruelty-free skincare, using only natural and naturally-derived ingredients.On top of that, it’s clear through everything they do, Frank Body doesn’t ever sway from their persona or colour palette.They give off the same cheerful, sassy vibes across all brand touch-points (check out their Instagram, or official website below).

Frank Body’s eDMs are a huge factor in creating a memorable brand, making them such a great inspiration.

Bonus: Their eDMs are super mobile-responsive – we’ve never had a problem on any device, ever. Amazing!

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