Features vs benefits – the key elements to making sales online

Why aren’t you making sales online?

If you’re struggling to make sales online, you’re probably wondering why. You’ve spent hours selecting colours and creating your designs until everything was perfect, yet no one seems to be appreciating that.

You’re wondering if your products are too expensive, if you’ve used the wrong materials or if people just simply don’t like them…
Don’t worry, it’s probably much simpler than that. What you’re most likely missing is this: Communication.

In every relationship, we need a form of communication to bond with each other. Whether we’re talking about a friendship, romance, family, colleagues or your new puppy.
The same rule applies to businesses: If you want people to trust you (and give you their money), you need to communicate and form a connection.

In order to connect, however, you need to know a thing or two about your audience. And that’s not just what makes your customers happy, it’s also what frustrates and motivates them.

You might already be speaking to the right people, but you’re not communicating the value of your products in a way that catches their attention.
Here are two of the most common reasons why you’re not making enough sales online:

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