5 ways to validate your customer profiles

Don’t build a business based on assumptions

The point of a customer profile is for you to pinpoint who exactly you’re trying to target, find out what their pain points are, and determine how your product solves an issue for them. You can start by filling out our free customer template*. But in order to really know if anything you’ve written is actually true, you need to talk to some real people. 

Our top 5 methods to validate your customer profiles


Surveys are a collection of short answer questions that help you better understand demographics and general behaviour patters, as well as people’s feelings, opinions and thought processes.
Data is usually collected via multiple-choice, Likert scales or yes/no options. This is usually the first step in collecting information about your customers. You can conduct surveys both online or in person.

Our tip:
Physical surveys are great; you get to see who is behind those answers and take body language and facial expressions into consideration. However, online surveys are much more efficient, and can often quickly turn answers into numbers and percentages. It makes things easier for you to analyse and interpret the data you’ve received. We recommend Typeform to help you distribute your survey via a link and generate reports with ease!

You can distribute your survey to people who have ordered from you via email, your email subscriber list or social media for example. Another alternative is to ask questions and make use of polls on your Facebook feed and/or Instagram Stories.

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