How to be a good leader

What is leadership?

A leader is someone who goes first, who takes the risks before anyone else does and chooses to look after their people.

Do you ever spend much time thinking about how to be a good leader? Chances are you’re too busy most of the time and it’s one of those things you’ll “look into” later.
As long as no one complains, things are running fine, right?
Well, maybe, but they could also be better.

Simon Sinek proposes an interesting view.

What if we didn’t fire people for underperformance, but instead promised them lifetime employment and continuous coaching, no matter what they’re going through? We’re all learning, at all times, so why shouldn’t our employees be allowed to learn and develop as well?

He uses a company, who had to save 10 million dollars during the GFC, as an example: The obvious solution was to let go of people, but instead, this company decided that everyone in the company had to take 4 weeks of unpaid leave. “It’s better if we all suffer a little than individuals suffering a lot.” How cool is that? And employees were also allowed to take leave for another person, e.g. someone who earned a lot could take 6 weeks, so someone else who earned less could only take 2 weeks. I think this solution is amazing. As an employee, it must make you feel incredibly included and valued.
There‘s a problem, something no one can ignore, but instead of firing people, let’s look at this and solve it as a team. What a valuable lesson. It’s not ‘big boss against small employee’, but instead ‘we’re in this together’. You can only imagine what kind of morale and loyalty this creates.

Often leaders are just authority but that doesn’t mean we’d follow those authorities, because we don’t feel like they would look out for us.

Who wouldn’t want an employee, who’s happy at work, feels secure and therefore produces their best work everyday?!

Leadership is a choice, not a rank.

Watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk on leadership:

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