How to create a memorable popup launch event

This post is Part 7 of our How To Pop Up Series.
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Event organisation 101

Invitations have been sent, people have RSVP’d, your popup launch is happening! Time to focus on putting together a memorable event that people will be talking about for months.
From smiling helpful staff to fun interactions with your product, you’ll want to make sure people leave your popup launch event with happy memories. So what are the things you’ll need to prep? Check below!

Something special

Everyone loves something special, e.g. a goodie bag, or an exclusive product. Not only does a little something make your guests feel valued, it’s also an incentive to attend and makes for easy social media teaser content in the lead up to your event.

Here are some ideas we encourage you to explore:

  • Gift bags – Tip: Contact brands with a similar audience and ask if they’d like to contribute to your gift bags.
  • Exclusive discount for attendees only, e.g. 20% off everything purchased at the event
  • Gift with purchase
  • Lucky-draw competition for event attendees
  • Exclusive product or packaging design only available at the event 

Check out this great example of an event party teaser that includes a clever venue collaboration between Tribe Skincare and Sugar Republic.

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Next up: Follow up and nurture those new relationships.

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