How to create a stellar unboxing experience

The emotions of receiving an online order

You know the anticipation when you ordered something special online and are waiting for it to arrive?
The rush of dopamines you experience when you open up the box and unwrap layer by layer until you finally hold your new possession in your hands?

Feelings create memories and happy memories make customers come back for more. The shopping experience shouldn’t end at checkout. By providing a memorable unboxing experience, you get another chance to wow your customers and exceed expectations. It’s important that this experience is in line with your brand, everything you stand for, your tone-of-voice and your style should be consistent and carry through.
Ask yourself: How would you feel if you opened up one of your parcels? 

It’s all about emotions.

Follow our top tips for a memorable unboxing experience:


  • Use tissue paper, we love noissue.
  • Use neat boxes and satchels and seal them nicely (trust us, it makes for a much more enjoyable unboxing experience). Big Red Packaging, Ozpack or Hero Packaging are only some of the many options out there.
  • Be consistent and package your products the same way every time.
  • To make it extra special, you can get custom boxes and packaging. Check out inke.


Avoid breakage

Make sure you add enough cushioning to ensure nothing breaks in transit.
We know it’s technically not your fault if the postie handles your parcels without much TLC, but the customer will likely still be upset with you and connect the disappointment emotionally with your business.
As a rule of thumb: If you can drop your parcel from 1 meter height, you should be good.

Adhere to timeframes

Ship your products within the timeframe you promised and set realistic delivery expectations on your website.
Consider rural areas and customs (international parcel can be stuck in customs forever…)
It’s all abut setting expectations, you don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver because of something that’s out of your control. You can offer express post at an additional cost for speedier delivery.

Choose a trustworthy delivery service

Use a shipping provider you trust. Even though delayed or lost parcels aren’t your fault, it’s a bad feeling that customers connect to your brand at the end of the day. Options include Sendle, Australia Post or Shippit.

The extra mile

Add a little something like a sweet treat or something branded that makes sense for your brand like free samples, a greeting card or mirror sticker like Go-To Skincare for example.

Bonus tip: Know your customers.

We’re big fans of Mecca and love their packaging in store as well as online. It gives us all the feels every time!
We noticed recently that Mecca offers a sustainable packaging option at checkout instead of their branded packaging. This is a great way to get in touch with their customers and offer something they care about. As much as we love to get the pretty pink boxes and tissue paper, we’ve started to select the sustainable option because it’s what we care about. To be honest, even their sustainable packaging is beautiful in its own way but what we love the most is that Mecca makes it OUR choice. Good vibes all round and you’ll be sure we’ll come back for more!

It’s super important to pay attention to the little details. If you put a lot of care into how your products are delivered, you’ll make people feel really special. As a result, they’ll talk about this experience and come back in the future. Remember, feelings create memories!

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