How to get more people to your checkout page

Why don’t people buy?

Have you ever noticed that people come to your website and leave without buying anything?
Your website looks good and you know for sure that everything is working, because you’ve obsessively checked a million times just to make sure.
So, what’s the issue? How on earth can you get more people to stick around and buy something?

Enter: Customer experience (or CX).

You might have heard this little piece of advice before: “Make sure you provide your customers with a seamless experience!” But, what exactly does that mean?

A great customer experience is, at its core, the feel-good factor your customers associate with your brand. Crafting a great customer experience revolves around making a good impression on your customers and making sure that everything is easy and pleasant, so that they actually buy AND want to come back again.

Why should you craft a seamless customer experience?

Picture a maze. At the end of the maze, there’s a block of cheese for you. You love cheese, but you’re not a mouse. So you decide the incentive for you to figure out the right path just to get some cheese isn’t quite worth the effort. You’ve got Woolies, Coles, corner stores… So you turn around and start heading towards whichever is closest to you.

The truth is, a lot of websites might look pretty, but they aren’t designed intuitively and can be difficult to navigate. The maze in that analogy is, you guessed it, your online store.

If your customers are human, chances are, they turn around and head to the next best option too, abandoning their cart, or worse, leaving before they’ve even had a look around.

To prevent that from happening, you need to craft a seamless customer experience that guides the visitor from the first point-of-contact through to your website and ensures they do what you want them to (eg. purchase, sign up, etc.)

How to craft a seamless customer experience

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