How to minimise the risk of damage during delivery

The joy of receiving an online order

Imagine the anticipation of receiving a parcel.
The butterflies in your stomach, the cannot-wait-to-get-my-hands-on-that-parcel feeling. Anyone else share the same excitement? You get the gist, right?

When it finally arrives, you can’t wait to unwrap your new treasure!
As you open the parcel, you realise your purchase is damaged.
Your initial excitement shatters into a million pieces, just like the item you bought.

To prevent this from happening to your customers and avoid disappointment, we’ve put together our top tips to minimise the risk of damage during delivery.

Add padding

As lovely as posties can be, not all of them will handle your deliveries with care. Parcels get thrown into the van or left unattended in any weather. It’s crucial to package your items properly to prevent damage.

Our tip: Add sufficient padding directly around your products and fill the gaps in your box or satchel. If you can safely drop your parcel from 1m height without any damage, chances are you’re pretty good.

Sustainable packaging options

To prevent producing more landfill, you can find sustainable alternatives for just about anything these days.
For example:

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