How to prepare for the Christmas rush as a small business

by | Operations

Christmas. The busiest, most wonderful and yet most terrifying time of year for business owners.

We know it might sound ludicrous, but Christmas shopping starts as early as October and having worked with over 900 creative retailers, we know for a fact that businesses need to start planning for that mad Christmas rush as early as July.

The sudden flood of orders and questions from customers can get pretty difficult to handle if you’re not prepared. And it’s even more difficult for creative makers who hand-make beautiful things, one piece at a time.
Let’s be real, even carriers get overwhelmed during this time (not looking at anyone here, Aus Post) . Everything just gets a little frantic. So, what can you do to prevent any additional stress?

How to prepare for the Christmas rush:

Get organised

Christmas is the perfect time to deliver that ultimate customer experience! People are busy, rushing to buy gifts for their loved ones, and ideally want them all nicely wrapped up in pretty packaging.

Get organised and make sure you’ve got extra stock for Christmas orders, as well as gift packaging, thank-you cards, and any additional extra touches you might want to throw in – before Christmas orders start rolling in.

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