How to promote your popup store

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This post is Part 6 of our How To Pop Up Series.
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Getting the word out about your popup

You’ve decided to run a popup and found the right space. Now it’s time to get social and make some noise. After all, if you want people to show up, they first need to know about it!
Not sure where to begin? Below are some of our top tips to get the conversation started. But before we dive in, let’s think about what you’re trying to achieve first.

Establish the goal of your popup event

A popup store is essentially a marketing activity, which means you need to be clear on the reasons why you’re doing it and what measurable goals you want to achieve. This is important, because otherwise, there’s no way of telling if it was effective or not.

The most obvious goal is to increase sales, but there’s lots more you could be looking at to grow your business.
For example, you could measure your brand awareness by the number of signups to your email list, or an increase in followers on your social media account.

No matter what it is, establish your goals clearly and then think about which of the following activities make sense to help you reach them.

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Next up: Let’s look at how to create the most memorable launch event.

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