How to write your own tagline

What’s your creative process? How do you come up with a tagline? The Do’s and Don’ts of writing a tagline.

First things first: what’s a tagline?

A tagline is that super-short, punchy bit of copy that you associate so closely with a brand that it may as well be its name.

“Just do it” is probably the most famous one in the world, though there are countless other excellent ones, such as “I’m lovin’ it”, “Think different” and “Eat fresh”. They help to highlight your brand’s mission or purpose and tell a super-short story about what your brand is and create a connection with customers.

“Just do it” is so successful that it’s entered the common vernacular as shorthand, meaning “Strive to do your best”, “Excellence in sport” and “Be proactive”.

Don’t get confused between taglines and slogans – they are similar and a lot of people use them interchangeably but they are actually different things. 

A tagline should represent the entire scope of your business, while a slogan might only refer to a part of it or be used for a single campaign. For example, if you make beautiful ceramics your tagline might be “Handmade joy” and might appear in your company logo (see more about creating your logo here) and your email signature and any marketing collateral. But perhaps a big part of your range is your tea and coffee cups, the slogan for that part of your business might be “Drinking joyfully” or “A more joyful coffee experience”.

For now, we’re just going to talk about taglines. 

Not all businesses have a tagline, and that’s OK. But a good tagline sets the stage for a solid marketing plan and helps with brand recognition and storytelling. 

So how can you create a great tagline for your business? 

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