How Uber implemented a successful loyalty program

What do loyalty programs do for businesses?

In retail and any other consumer driven market, it has become an expectation that we can gain points from buying something, or reach the highest of tiers for that VIP status. Additional discounts, invitations to events, birthday gifts, free shipping… the list goes on.

A survey by RetailMeNot found that approximately 80% of consumers are more dedicated to brands that offer a loyalty program, however it’s important to note that overall, a loyalty program needs to be compelling and mutually beneficial, both for you and your customer.
We recently wrote about the benefits of a loyalty program, if you’re interested to read more on that.

In this article, we’ll user Uber as a case study to demonstrate what a successful loyalty program can look like.

The Uber loyalty program: A case study

When Uber released its own rewards system in Australia via their app, users started increasing their rides and takeout deliveries to keep up their status, motivated by further discounts and perks. Even though, understandably, perks and discounts make us feel good, what did Uber do better than their competitors to get people to increase their spend and engagement?

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