Brand Strategy DIY Workbook

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Feel like you’re not making enough sales online? Nothing you do really seems to be working longterm?

With our 80+ page Better Traffic, More Sales workbook you will learn how to attract the right crowd and achieve consistent sales by connecting with your customers on an emotional level.

Whether you’re just starting out or are refining your existing business, this workbook is going to give you clarity on how to find and engage with the right people that will also buy from you.

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Uncover the core of your brand, determine your audience and create a brand strategy guide to capture it all using our template, which will hold everything that makes you YOU and give you (as well as everyone else involved in your business) clarity and direction. It’ll become the core of everything you do.

In this 80+ page workbook, you will determine the following:

  • Your Why and your mission
  • What problem you are solving
  • How you’re adding value
  • Who your customer is
  • How to avoid losing money and time
  • & more

– Running a business without a plan is like rock climbing blindfolded. – 


“I already know all of this!”
Feel like this will be a waste of time (especially if your business is already up and running)?
We hear you! But the fact that you’re reading this tells us that you’re not happy with your online sales (for whatever reason).
So we’re asking you why not give it a go? We are certain that you will uncover elements you were not aware of and these might just be the missing piece to your puzzle.
And because we truly believe in the value of this workbook, we will shout you a free 1-hour strategy session to help you uncover what’s stopping you from making enough sales online, if you find absolutely no value in it. No questions asked.

Prefer face-to-face with a strategist? Check out our Better Traffic, More Sales workshop!

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