Nail Your Brand Story Workbook

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This workbook is not a skim-over-with-one-eye-on-Netflix situation.

When you’re laying the foundation for the very core and essence of your business (and your secret sauce to success) – that experience deserves to be special.

  • Hold-in-your-hands and take a deep breath, special
  • Vivid colours, glossy pages & hand-crafted illustration, special
  • Proud to display on your bookshelf, special

We’ve poured our hearts, minds and entire face-to-face branding workshop gold, into a book that’ll guide you through the process of building your brand story step-by-step.

This workbook marks the beginning of a beautiful journey, because once you’ve nailed your brand story, you can take your business anywhere.

Wondering what’s inside? Read below to find out.

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Pretty sure you’ve already got your brand story covered? Never heard of a brand story until today?

Either way, if you’re struggling to make sales, we’re 99.9% sure it’s because there are gaps in your brand story. That leads to confused messaging and confused messaging = confused customers.

This book is the answer to all that & more.

Think practical examples. Think relatable advice. Think over 75 pages of inspiration and the kick-start you need to nut out:

  • Your mission. How can your business change the world – even if it’s just the world of your target customer. What problem are you solving that no-one else can?
  • Your customer. Get to know them, really get to know them, so that marketing messages come as easy as speaking to your BFF.
  • Your growth. Avoid the money and time blackhole, by learning how to build the core foundation of your business and a strong successful brand that thrives of loyal repeat-customers.

Each section is structured in the same way: An intro, followed by practical exercises for you to fill out. All while gaining clarity from an example brand we’ve weaved throughout the workbook, so you can build your story alongside theirs.

Your workbook comes with free shipping within 3 business days and a month’s free membership to our Better Traffic, More Sales Program – if you’re not sure what this is, trust us, you’ll want to check it out now!

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