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How to rank first on Google

Let’s be real here for a minute: SEO is a mysterious area of eCommerce. It’s difficult because big agencies have done a great job at making you feel like it’s difficult and can never be mastered without their help. So why even try?
Because the basics of SEO aren’t actually that complicated!

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Improve Your Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is one of those things you either dismiss completely (because too hard), or you decide to tackle, google a bit and leave more confused than when you started. BUT can you really afford not to? If you are putting lots of effort into growing...

What is keyword research and do I need it?

What is keyword research? To put it simply, keyword research is the process of finding which words your ideal client is typing into Google when searching for your product or service. This may seem simple enough, but more often than not the best keywords are not what...

Know your customer: Free persona template

Knowing your ideal customer is absolutely crucial to building a brand that sells. Without it, you essentially take a stab in the dark when trying to create useful, relevant content and market your products. Before you do this exercise however, think about why you...

How to create a stellar unboxing experience

You know the anticipation when you ordered something special online and are waiting for it to arrive? The rush of dopamines you experience when you open up the box and unwrap layer by layer until you finally hold your new possession in your hands? It's all about...

How to create the instore feeling online

Have you ever walked past a window display so beautiful that you just had to quickly duck in and check it out? When the packaging alone makes you want to hand over your money just so you can keep the box forever? Or you wish you could live in a store because it's...

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