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Book Review

How to fail at almost everything and still win big

by Scott Adams

Learning how to fail and even embrace it is not an easy task. In a nutshell, Scott Adams summarises the business failures in his life story in a quirky way with a lesson to be learnt.

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How To Authenticate Your Domain With Mailchimp

How To Authenticate Your Domain With Mailchimp

Why authenticate your domain? Firstly, authenticating your domain is different to verifying it. When you set up your Mailchimp account, you were most likely prompted to verify your domain to confirm that you own it (through an email confirmation). This is enough to...

Know your customer: Free persona template

Know your customer: Free persona template

Knowing your ideal customer is absolutely crucial to building a brand that sells. Without it, you essentially take a stab in the dark when trying to create useful, relevant content and market your products. Before you do this exercise however, think about why you...

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