Podcast Review: ‘Defining Personal Customer Profiles’


Why we need customer profiles

Each episode of the Feel-Good Brands podcast breaks down how brands are developed through focusing on customer-centric brands with a philanthropic mission and taking a closer look at challenges that can arise in the early stages of a business.

What the episode is about

Episode 1 ‘Defining Personal Customer Profiles’ explains how brands should impress their specific target customers and maintain a long-lasting (customer) relationship with them.

The hosts start the discussion by pointing out common methods and processes to put a customer profile together. Then they whip out the good stuff and tell you how to learn about your perfect customer, define their profiles and attract them.

Who it’s for

If you’re tired of spending money on marketing messages that just don’t seem to resonate, or if you’re interested in learning how to dig deep into and bond with your people’s values, goals and visions, this episode is for you. It’s about asking the right questions and really understanding your customer beyond demographics and statistics (people aren’t just numbers!)

Why you should listen to this episode

Once you’ve identified your ‘Why’, your business’ values and what problem you are solving, it’s time to nail who your customer is.
We get that sometimes it can be a struggle to determine exactly who needs your product or service (it feels like we’re just making it all up). It’s tempting to say we want to help as many people as possible. But is targeting everyone a good strategy? We dare say not.

If you send out a broad message to appeal to everyone, you’ll end up speaking to no one in particular. Not everyone is going to respond to the same message and in fact, it’s not just the message we connect with, it’s how a brand makes us feel.
Instead figuring out who exactly your customer is, allows us to form a tailored message that speaks volumes to a specific audience.
So how do we do that? Simply by creating valuable customer profiles.

In ‘Defining Customer Profiles’, Feel-Good Brands really get stuck into this concept by talking about how many businesses are getting it wrong (i.e. only sticking to demographics such as age, gender, location and wealth) and how they could be doing it better. This podcast demonstrates how a deeper understanding of a customer’s opinions, fears and challenges leads to better long-term relationships and a loyal audience.

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