What it’s about:

Blogging In Progress’ Emma lists 20 things that are tried and tested, and helped her gain 50K+ monthly blog views!

Who it’s for:

Aspiring blog writers, starters in marketing, start-up business owners, anyone interested in (mostly) organic growth.

What we think:

Engaging, very down-to-earth read. This is a list of strategies that Emma used to increase her subscription list. Best of all, most of them are free!

eBook description by Emma Norris of  Blogging In Progress:

Have you just started blogging and are feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do make it a success?

Or perhaps you’ve been blogging for a while, but it hasn’t quite set the world on fire — and that dream of being a full-time blogger feels like it’s slipping further and further away.

Take a deep breath and pour yourself a coffee, girl, because I’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive eBook, I cover the 20 tried-and-tested strategies I used personally to gain over 50,000 unique viewers in just three months of blogging — plus build a mailing list of 1000 subscribers and monetise my blog.

It’s packed with practical and easy-to-digest info about the things you can do TODAY to start driving boatloads of traffic AND make money off it.

About the author

Emma Norris is a Sydney-based freelance writer, social media manager, fitness junkie and pizza addict. Her words have appeared in publications like Sporteluxe, Cosmopolitan, URBANSWEAT, The Cusp, Wanderluxe, Take 5 and TV Week. Having worked in the media industry, Emma noticed a trend of influencers and bloggers who present a polished, perfect image of themselves. As someone who worships at the altar of carbs, almost always has a bird nest-sized knot in her hair and falls over/drops food/says something awkward at least once a day, she couldn’t relate. So, she decided to start her own blog — one that celebrates being raw, real and perfectly imperfect.

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