Podcast review: ‘Where brand marketing fits’

How to use brand marketing to get results as a small business

What it’s about

Traction’s guest speaker Nancy Go, head of brand marketing at Wayfair, speaks about the significance of businesses that embrace brand marketing. She discusses what this means for start-ups and for larger cooperations and compares the differentiation in strategy, based on her experiences.
Nancy points out the different approaches in brand marketing, including the use of communication channels, strategies and their objectives, due to the size of a business.

Who it’s for

Business owners – whether start-up or growing,  managers, anyone studying or working in the field of marketing – Nancy provides examples of various product-based businesses, so definitely worth listening to if that’s where your interest lies.

What we think

Such a practical podcast! In today’s world, being data-driven seems like the way to go. Quantitative marketing brings about data analysis and lets the numbers do the talking. We hear marketers preach over and over again about how important data is for marketing, but sometimes we forget just how important qualitative marketing really is. Brands have feelings too! Nancy’s thought-provoking message draws the focus back onto consumer awareness and loyalty with brand marketing, regardless of whether it’s for customer acquisition in small businesses, or brand storytelling in larger businesses.

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