Should I use a website popup?

Website popups. Yay, hooray or nay?

We’ve heard all sorts of rumours about website popups. Whilst some say Google will punish you if you have a website popup, others have said, ‘why not add 5’? Heck, it’s confusing to say the least.

So we thought we’d put in our own two cents and do a little myth-busting on the topic.

Google will not punish you for having a popup on your website.

Website popups can be an amazing tool to generate leads, grow your email list, inform and add value. What Google frowns upon is a potentially annoying experience that could be caused by your popup/s and might prevent people from accessing the content they came to find (or buy).

So how should you use popups effectively, in a way Google will love you for?

Here’s our rule-of-thumb:

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