4 simple ways to reward your customers

How can small businesses encourage loyalty?

We established in an earlier article that loyalty programs are a great way to encourage repeat business. but it’s not just all about the rewards, a lot of consumers are still looking for that one-on-one interaction and establishing an emotional connection with a brand.

Whether it’s in the form of individual rewards, exceptional customer service, or a thoughtful interaction – make sure you give your customers a reason to return.

4 ways to make your customers feel special

1. Show your appreciation on social media

As a small business, this is your time to shine! A lot of larger companies are unable to show individual thanks to their loyal customers via social media. Capitalise on this advantage and let your customers know how much you appreciate them. You could do this by honouring a VIP customer or sharing the best outfits of the month from customers, if they give you permission. Just by saying a heartfelt thank you to your customers on social media makes them feel special (you’d be surprised!). In turn, it’ll make them more inclined to stay true to your business.

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Understand who your customers are and translate that into a personalised experience.

Next up: Learn how to incorporate a loyalty program into your business.

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