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We’ve curated quite the following of happy little vegemites. Creative superstars in beauty, homewares, fashion, accessories – and everything in between. They’re diverse and marvellous.
Here’s what they have to say:

I recommend them to anyone I know, even people I just met!

Before working with the efficiency hub, I felt following my passion by starting my own business was not possible. I felt I should just stick to my 9 to 5 job like everyone else until my retirement. I am just so happy that is not the case. 

After working with the efficiency hub, I feel I have made the right decision to do this now instead of waiting until who-knows-when this will all happen. It’s amazing to work with super smart and efficient people who not only are experts in their fields but also pursuing their passions. They know all the update information needed to help you excel in social media, website, marketing, etc. You name it, they make it until you love it.

I am surrounded by creatives in my field of work. Many want to pursue their passion but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can support themselves with it. Whenever I speak to other creatives, I let them know that there’s this amazing company out there called the efficiency hub that will guide you throughout the entire journey. They will make a plan for you that is doable and not overwhelming. It is important to have the efficiency hub to assist, plan and guide no matter what stage you are at in your business. 

Shiling Wu, chief human, Austin Tayshus

 “Connecting with these guys has changed everything for the better.”

Before meeting Nathalie, who introduced me to the aptly named efficiency hub, I spent way too much time and money looking for the right agency. With the efficiency hub you know your business (your baby!) is well looked after.

I recommend them to other start-up businesses I engage with and will continue to do so with confidence.

I can honestly say connecting with these guys has changed everything for the better.  The efficiency hub have not only given me a fabulous brand overhaul but also a good night’s sleep due to so much less stress!
10 out of 10 rating with a bonus star for the personal touch Nathalie and her crew offer. You just don’t find that amazing service anywhere, I’m grateful!

Colette Tattoli, founder, Sass + Co. Body

“I had no idea where to start.”

Before working with the efficiency hub, I felt confused by what I needed to move my online store forward. I was completely overwhelmed by SEO and had no idea where to start.

After working with the efficiency hub, I now have a truly awesome website, fully optimised for SEO and I also gained masses of knowledge about how to keep working on improving my SEO myself.

The efficiency hub is trustworthy, conscientious and true experts in their field.

Tiffany Benn, founder, Hart Home Decor

“The solution was well considered within a tight budget.”

Before working with the efficiency hub, I felt excited to get my new business project underway but nervous that I really knew nothing about how to make it happen.

After working with the efficiency hub, I now feel grateful to have carried out this project with the efficiency hub. There is so much going on when launching a new business and I am exceptionally grateful that one thing we don’t have to worry about is fixing website glitches.

Our website became relatively complex compared to what we thought it would be but it works perfectly and looks fabulous and we were given the tools to run it ourselves with technical help from time to time when needed.
Our project was delivered on time and the solution was well considered within a tight budget appropriate for a start-up.

Nathalie has the skills and experience to weigh up what is important for a business and its staged development. It was great to be given the time to discuss ideas and have our hands held through a complex process.

Nathalie is extremely dedicated to customer service. She is very organised and ensures projects run smoothly and most impressively checks back to make sure project goals are being ticked off. From what I gather, this might be the exception rather than the norm.

Deb Achhorner, co-founder, Two Design Lovers

“I wasn’t sure how it was all going to work.”

Before working with the efficiency hub, I was unsure as to how well it would work trying to communicate with different sub-consultants all working through one umbrella organisation.

After working with the efficiency hub, I now feel reassured with their level of expertise and professionalism, specifically in the area of website development.

It was an absolute pleasure working with the efficiency hub. Nathalie’s professionalism, expertise, attention to detail and responsiveness ensured the project was delivered on time to a very high standard.

We were very happy with the work carried out by the efficiency hub and would not hesitate to recommend them in the future.

Emilia Harrison, co-founder, Two Design Lovers 

“The personal touch is priceless”

Before working with the efficiency hub, I felt scared! We migrated our website once before and lost all our Google rankings in the process.

After working with the efficiency hub, I now feel relieved. (Yay! We didn’t disappear from Google this time!)

You guys were exactly what we needed. You took our hand and guided us through the mysterious world of redirects! 🙂
We felt confident that with your help we are doing the right thing, you provided us with instruction, guidance, check-ups and a friendly pat on the shoulder (much needed haha)!

Ula Kwapisz, marketing manager, Short Story

“Extremely knowledgable and professional”

Before working with the efficiency hub, I felt a little overwhelmed by the idea of building a website for my client GongGang from scratch and incorporating SEO.

After working with the efficiency hub, I now feel SO happy, relieved and proud about the result!

Nathalie and the efficiency hub team were not only extremely knowledgable and professional, what really made the difference was providing a realistic timeline, delivering on time and if we ever had any questions that they (against all odds) didn’t already have the answer to, they researched and found out for us.

Felicia Pettersson, founder & marketing expert, Venaii Creative

“I now know exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going.”

Before working with the efficiency hub, I felt lost and overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do and whom to go to. I quit my corporate job to start an eCommerce drop-shipping business. I did my research into it and thought “This is easy. Okay, let’s get it rolling.”
Unfortunately, it was not easy like I thought, I made so many mistakes but I learned from it and now moved into doing what I actually love – trade consulting!

After working with the efficiency hub, I now know exactly what I am doing and where I am going.  I am very pleased with the strategy workshop day outcome.
I launched my consulting business within 6 months and have received lots of compliments from my friends and colleagues, saying that my website looks very professional and different.
Every time I have something to get done on my website, the first person I call is Nathalie, because I know the job will get done 100% the best all the time.

The efficiency hub is a like a one-stop shop for eCommerce and websites that delivers every time.

Jennifer Le, Efficiency Import and Export Consultant

“Services were tailored to my needs.”

The efficiency hub are a pleasure to work with! The team is flexible, solution-driven and cares about the results. They tailor their services to meet the specific needs of your business and size, and just make the process of collaboration so easy!’

Violeta Tentomas, founder, West 14th

“We have much more clarity about the direction of our fashion business.”

Before working with the efficiency hub, we felt our fashion design business was being held back because our website couldn’t be changed quickly enough, as we didn’t have access to a website developer.
We were spending money on SEO, Google ads and Facebook ads, and not getting the returns we needed and not knowing what was going on due to inadequate reporting. We felt we were bogged down in the complexities of marketing online.

After working with the efficiency hub, we now feel that the website has been improved significantly and changes are being made very quickly.
We have a progressive plan going forwards with SEO, Google and Facebook.

Nathalie really knows her stuff and has a network of experts on hand, so any problem can be solved. She cares about our business and we trust her.
We have much more clarity about the direction of our fashion business.

Michael Reddish & Kathleen Berney, founders & designer, Kathleen Berney

“Very happy with the result.”

My new website has for me, as a provider of leadership trainings, made it a lot easier for both customers and potential customers to see what I offer and can help them with – it’s informative and inspirational at the same time.

Jan Marklund, leadership trainer and coach, GongGång

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