What’s the best time to send emails to your subscribers?

Is email marketing dead?

‘You’ve got mail’ – a movie that has always been one of our favourites. Why? Well, aside from *swoon* Tom Hanks’ soothing voice, it’s a great memorandum to the confidence in email – an amazing form of communication that holds the power to bring people together.

Many businesses these days are using email as a way to reach their audience, and to be honest, email isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s consistently growing globally.
Whether you are looking to increase your sales or just simply want to spread your message, email marketing is the way to broadcast. Not only because it is still very effective, but also because it offers countless ways to personalise your message. And, your email list is one of the biggest assets when it comes to marketing, because it’s yours (unlike your following on any social media platform).

What’s the best day of the week to send emails?

The short answer based on our research: Tuesday.

The long answer: It depends – on a lot of different factors.

Based on studies by various email platforms such as Omnisend, Campaign Monitor and Klaviyo, the best day to send promotional emails or weekly newsletters is Thursday or Tuesday.

This conclusion is based off their highest open and click through rates. Platforms such as Klaviyo found that even though Tuesday was the winner of open rates, emails sent on Thursdays brought the most revenue per recipient. Interestingly, Monday came in as a close second in terms of open rates (maybe that has something to do with the lack of motivation to work on a Monday..?)

With the number of emails sent during the weekend significantly lower than during the week, Saturday and Sunday also fared the worst days in terms of email opens. However, in our own experience Sunday evenings are fantastic for eCommerce sales email.

This is interesting as it presents an opportunity to experiment with your timing and giving weekends a chance, when there’s much less competition. It all depends on who you’re talking to and it’s important to test how your audience behaves and then make decisions based on that.

Tip: Keeping in mind that your competition also wants to take advantage of the peak times to send their emails, you can test out different days to find what works best for your subscribers.

The time of day matters a great deal

Not only does the day of the week have an impact on the success rate of your email, but naturally the time of day you send your emails also has an effect on your conversions.

If you’re sending emails at an inconvenient time, you will find a higher unsubscribe rate. But send them at the right time, and you’ll transform subscribers into repeat customers.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to develop a blanket rule for what constitutes the right time of day. What’s most important is to understand who your audience is and what they’re likely to be doing at any point in time during the day. For example, if you’re targeting mums, you can expect that they’ll be busy with their kids between school pickup and bedtime.

To get a deeper understanding of your ideal audience start with our Customer Value Template. If you have an existing email list or social media following, you can ask them a few simple questions to get a better idea of their behaviour and preferences.

Once you have gained valuable insight into your customers’ daily routine, you’ll find it easier to put yourself in their shoes and think about when they would have time to read your emails and take action, or what content would benefit them at which point in time.

Once you have gained insight into your customers’ daily routine, you’ll find it easier to put yourself in their shoes.

As a starting point, we recommend testing whether you can capture customers during these times:

  • As subscribers are commuting to and from work on public transport
  • As subscribers are typically on a lunch break
  • As subscribers are winding down for the evening at home, often browsing their phone in front of the TV or in bed.

What about time zones?

It’s all simple now, isn’t it? But hold on, what if you have a subscriber base that lives in different time zones?

There are some easy ways to work around this:

  1. Find a middle-ground when the majority of your most-engaged subscribers will be awake.
    However, keep in mind that you will inevitably have to exclude some regions, so this is not ideal.

  2. Provided your email platform allows, choose to send emails based on the recipient’s time zone.
    If you are using a platform such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo, you will be able to schedule your email, e.g. at 12pm in each recipient’s local time. This is a fantastic feature we highly recommend!

When in doubt, test it out!

With all the data available on the most profitable send time for emails, it is important to remember that your own audience and eagerness to experiment will truly determine the best hours and days to send your emails. The demographic of your email list should determine a lot of this for you – all you have to do is test it out.

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