The risks of using a legal template

Have you ever thought about using a legal template?

Whether it’s website terms and conditions or your wholesale agreement – every business needs some legal documents at some point.

We asked our trusted lawyer Malisa Howard, founder of Jaide Law, to share her thoughts on legal templates and why using the wrong templates can pose a risk to your business.

Templates – yay or nay?

As lawyers, we often get asked about templates – specifically, whether we provide them and whether we think they’re safe to use. The answer to both questions is a resounding “no” from us.

We do understand that going down the template route can be appealing. You may be concerned that a lawyer won’t fit in your budget, or you could believe that a template will provide just as good an outcome, but the reality is that using a template may actually cost your business a lot more in the long run and is, in many ways, a gamble.

Now let us pause and say that, of course, not all templates are created equal. Some templates, if drafted recently by the right lawyer, may actually give you some protection (and are certainly better than having no agreement in place at all). However, given the risks (many of which we have seen in practice), we firmly believe that templates should never be used in lieu of a qualified lawyer.

Not convinced yet? If that’s you, consider these main risks before you take the plunge into the template pool:

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