What are you promising your customers?


How to stand out with your promise

You’d better believe what we’re saying is going to help your business. Why? Because it’s our promise to you.

Sounds corny, doesn’t it? Sure, but our products and services are our promises to you. And while most people don’t realise this, your business promise is as simple as the product or service that you offer. The guarantee from the seller to the buyer.

Whenever a business makes or sells something, a promise is made, and the audience is compensating for a difference that happens as a result of that promise. Popular businesses are built by being upfront, highlighting various brand promises and managing customer expectations. So, what are you promising and what difference is your audience anticipating?

What’s your brand promise?

If you asked your audience that question, would they know how to answer it for your business?  And if they did, would you be confident they would agree your business delivers on that answer?

There are businesses that are tremendously precise about what they do. Their brand promise has been clear from the beginning and they’re now recognisable purely based on it.  For example, who do you think of when you hear the classic “The Fresh Food People”, “I’m lovin’ it” or “Lowest Prices are just the beginning”?

So, what’s so memorable about these brand promises and how can you follow their lead? Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.

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