What does customer service look like for online stores?

It’s 2020: Computers are palm-sized, Walkmans aren’t a thing anymore and everything is digitalised. Everything. We buy clothes, shoes, bags and even groceries online, delivered straight to our doorstep.
As much as we love it, we’re wondering, with this ever-growing digitalisation, is good customer service still a thing?!

Looking at some recent stats by Salesforce, everything is pointing to:

Yes. Absolutely.

According to a 2019 Salesforce report, 83% of customers say that experience is as important as the products and services they buy, and 57% would move to a competitor for a better experience.

That being said, a great customer experience is not just easy-to-find products and a quick checkout. It’s about being looked after when help is required, as well as receiving orders in a convenient fashion.

What can you do to provide great customer service online?

Make sure your website is easy to use

One of the most important aspects of selling online is how easy it is for your customers to purchase. Imagine wanting to buy something online, only to find yourself struggling to get from the home page to the product pages, or having trouble finding the search bar. Unless you’re emotionally really invested in buying from this particular website, you’ll exit in no time.

Our tip: Ensure your website is easy to navigate. We recommend using Hotjar to identify how people use your site and where they get stuck.

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