What image files to expect from a photoshoot

Whether you decide to take your own product photos or hire a professional photographer, you should end up with the following files:

  • All product image files in png (with a transparent background) and/or jpg (solid background)
  • All lifestyle shots in png and jpg
  • If you want to print your images, ask for tif files in addition
  • All images in high resolution with 300dpi (dots per inch) for printing
  • All images with a 72dpi resolution to use on your website with a minimum 1024px (pixels) width
  • All images in 800 x 800px with a 72dpi resolution.
    Note: Every image that is used on a product listing should be the same size for consistency.

Check the contract before you decide to hire

If you work with a photographer, it’s important to check your contract for copyright / image ownership clauses.

If a contract mentions terms such as ‘single-use only’ or ‘for purpose only’, it may mean that you can only use the images as specified in a brief. For example, if the brief specifies website photography, it might mean that the images cannot be used anywhere else and you might need to pay extra to use your images in print.

Before commissioning a photographer, make sure you always discuss who owns the images, as well as where images can be used and for how long.

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