What’s in it for your customers?

What afternoon cravings and your online orders have in common

As matter-of-fact as this sounds, every time a customer (or you!) buys something, it’s for a reason, purpose, a job-to-be-done.

For example:
Let’s say it’s 3pm and you just bought a Mars chocolate bar at the corner store. At first, it might seem like not much thought was put into your snack of choice.
But we encourage you to think again.
Out of all possible snacks, you didn’t choose biscuits, chips, fruit, or any other chocolate bar. You made the choice of choosing a Mars bar.
Maybe you felt tired or craved that sugary gooey goodness, or maybe you subconsciously needed that endorphin release. Whatever your purpose was, you bought that Mars bar to solve some problem you had.

With this analogy, we ask you the same question: Why do your customers buy from you and how do they benefit?

Think about the following:

Why or under which circumstances are they buying from me? E.g.:

  • When they’re hungry and need a pick-me-up? (snacks)
  • Because they need a gift? (toys)
  • To calm down after a stressful day? (candles)
  • To feel amazing in their own skin? (clothing)
  • To sleep better? (bed sheets)
  • To symbolise emotions? (jewellery)
  • etc.

It is very important to understand the problem your customers have when your product can be the solution. We always recommend to simply ask your customers instead of assuming.

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