Why offering returns is important if you sell beauty products

The hesitation with buying new beauty products online

Ever come across a new beauty product you’ve never used before, but wanted to try? Or maybe you’ve heard good things, but you’re not sure how your skin is going to react? Chances are, your customers feel the same way.

Cue music for a generous returns policy, please!

If you are selling beauty products online, you’ll know it comes with its own set of challenges. Be it expensive gold-infused moisturiser or all-organic vegan eye serum, everyone’s skin is different and can react in different ways. There is no one single product in the world that works for, and is loved by, all humans on this planet (sorry to break it to you!)

To help customers overcome that initial fear of trying a new beauty product, we strongly suggest to offer samples and, more importantly, a generous returns policy. This allows you to establish trust between you and your customers, taking away some of the doubts (the ifs and buts) they might have when considering a new brand.

The benefits of offering a generous returns policy

Peace of mind

Giving your customers the option to return a product if they don’t like it or have an allergic reaction simply provides peace of mind. Everyone’s skin is different and buying beauty products is very personal. Especially if it’s the first time a customer buys from you, a generous returns policy is very reassuring and instantly lowers the felt risk factor.
(67% of shoppers will check the returns policy before they make a purchase.)

That last little push

If people are unsure whether they should buy a brand or product they haven’t used before, knowing they can return their purchase without any questions asked might be that last little push they need to get across the finish line.

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