Why we love Smart.bio for Instagram


What is Smart.bio?

If you’re on Instagram for Business, you’ll know that you can only put one link in your bio.

To utilise this space, many people link to a landing page, where they can list a whole lot of links. You can either build this landing page on your website, or you can use a specific tool for this. There are different options, but the one we’re really liking lately is Smart.bio by Tailwind.

Here are 4 reasons why smart.bio is our new favourite tool:

It’s easy to use and customisable

To use Smart.bio, all you have to do is sign up and allow access to your Instagram account. From here, it’s smooth sailing!*

Just click on “Add New Button Link” to add your calls-to-action – you can link to anything you like, e.g. websites, blog posts, products, videos, sign-up forms, etc.

What’s more, you can customise the page and colours of your buttons to match your brand. Simply click on ‘Customize Page’.

*It is worth mentioning that all the customisations are best done on desktop.

You can add Instagram post links

Another neat feature is the ability to list your post tiles and add links to the images. This takes the ‘link in bio’ to a whole new level. Visualisation is so much more powerful than just text, which also means your clicks and conversion will go up.

All you need to do is add a link and description to the posts you like. There is an 18-character limit in the descriptions, so a simple “tap to read” or “click to buy” is more than sufficient.

You can schedule your links through Tailwind

You know we love our automation, so this has gotten our full attention.

If you schedule your posting through Tailwind, you can add links to drafts and scheduled posts. Once these posts are published, the links will appear on your Smart.bio automatically!

It’s free!

Last but definitely not the least, Smart.bio is free to use. You can upgrade to a paid version, which gives you analytics and other features, but we think the free version is pretty damn good.

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