Why you should offer free shipping

Everyone loves free shipping

As online customere, free shipping is still something that gets us excited and motivates to purchase. It also comes with a tiny little sense of relief because it means there’s no hidden costs at checkout.
As a small business owner however, you might be sitting here pouting with your arms crossed, wondering, ‘Why should I bear all the shipping costs?’

Not only do we love free shipping as customers (who doesn’t?!), but we’re also big believers in offering free shipping from a business-perspective. Why? It’s simple: There’s a certain psychology to free shipping that makes it worthwhile.

Read on for a glimpse inside the minds of your online customers and delve into their thoughts to see how free shipping could increase your sales and add to your brand:

Stage 1: The problem you can solve

“I got tickets to see Taylor Swift and definitely need a new sprakly dress. Let’s see what we can find online!”

Stage 2: Browsing on your website

“Ooohhh, I like the dresses on this website! The prices are decent and the images look great. I’m feeling pretty good about this brand so far.”

Stage 3: Adding products to cart

“There’s a few things I like, I’ll throw that in the shopping cart for now, but I’m just not sure about their sizing or delivery times. Guess I’ll find out when I check out.”

Stage 4: Checking out

“Hang on a sec! I was only prepared to spend this much, but now with the cost of shipping… It adds up to be much more than I expected. Maybe I’ll have a look somewhere else to see if I can find a better deal.”

What happened here? – Explaining the psychology

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